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Marine Spatial Planning

Pressure on marine resources, pollution, maritime traffic, coastal infrastructure development and the use of marine space in general has increased significantly over the past six decades.

The unregulated exploitation of marine resources has degraded the marine ecosystem and generated conflicts among users for access to resources and use of marine space.

The Marine Spatial Planning is a public process that seeks to achieve a balance between ecological, economic and social objectives in an area of ​​interest by promoting the active participation in decision making, of those sectors interested in the marine space and its resources.

This process directly involves users who depend on, conserve and affect marine resources, such as the artisanal, industrial and sports fishing sectors, tour operators and chambers of tourism, agricultural producers, communities and their grassroots organizations, Universities, governmental institutions, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and all those actors with interests in the area's marine resources, both in the short and long term.

MarViva has created a methodology oriented to promote OEM processes with low technological inputs that allows the countries of the region to initiate this multisector planning in their seas.

This methodology has been validated in pilot projects in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama. Although the context of each locality is different, the same methodology is applicable because it focuses on the participatory process.

Some achievements

  • Priority areas under schemes of arrangement (676Km 2 in Punta Banco - Punta Burica, 2,494 km 2 in the Gulf of Nicoya, 5,294 Km 2 in South Pacific, Costa Rica,  941 Km 2 in Gulf of Montijo, Panama, 601 Km 2 in Gulf of Tribuga, Colombia.
  • Validated Methodology to facilitate multisector participatory processes.
  • Technical support for the generation and implementation of Management Plans (Fisheries Management Plan of Golfo Dulce, Management Plan for Piangua in Costa Rica, Management Plan of black shell and lobster in Panama; Integrated Management plan of the UAC North Pacific Chocoano, Management Plan of Mangroves in Bahía Solano, Jurado and Tribuga Gulf, in Colombia.

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