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Annual Report


MarViva Foundation, created in 2002, is a regional, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Our mission in to promote the conservation and sustainable use of coastal and marine resources in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, with vision of healthy and biodiverse oceans in benefit of the present and future generations.

The Thermal Dome





The Costa Rica Thermal Dome  is a unique feature in the Pacific Ocean, expanding throughout the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Central American countries and the High Seas.

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#ChaoPlásticoDesechable en

Un 80% de la contaminación marina es plástico. Ese alarmante futuro debe generar acciones en los países, sector privado y ciudadanía. Por eso MarViva lanzará la campaña de comunicación con la etiqueta #ChaoPlásticoDesechable, como parte del proyecto Fortalecimiento del Marco Regulatorio  para la Reducción por Contaminación por Plásticos en el Mar.

Guide for the Implementation of the Environmental Responsibility Standard for the Commercialization of Sea Fish


MarViva developed the Environmental Responsibility Standard for the Commercialization of Sea Fish, a framework utilized to certify restaurants, supermarkets, fish distributors and other organizations that market fresh sea fish are certified. The Guide for the Implementation of the Environmental Responsibility Standard for the Commercialization of Sea Fish contains the instructions for companies wishing to apply the Principles of the Standard and its key objective is to present the criteria comprising it and how to implement them.

Institutional Memory: 15 yeas in favor of our ocean


MarViva has raised awareness about the ocean, it’s seascapes, and resources being essential to our wellness and sustainability, for which they require greater protection and responsible, innovative, and constant management.
In collaboration with authorities and civil society organizations, MarViva has demonstrated that it is possible to use the ocean, while protecting its enormous richness and guaranteeing food security and sources of income for coastal communities and industries.

Nuestro Equipo

Sibylle Feltrin

Director of Avina Stiftung- Swiss foundation for social and ecological sustainability- since 2012. Sibylle began working for Avina Foundation (Avina Stiftung´s sister organization) in 2001, analyzing and evaluating projects in Latin America. She has served as member of the Board of Directors of Avina and Secretary of the VIVA Trust.


Proyectos en marcha

Market Incentives for Marine Conservation and Sustainable Development: Environmental Responsibility Standard for the Commercialization of Marine Fish

Artisanal fisheries are the main source of seafood for the internal market in the countries along the Eastern Tropical Pacific. In most cases, they are also the source of protein and sole productive activity available to the vulnerable populations in the related coastal areas.


Nuestro Equipo

Andrés Santana

I have worked as a proyect leader in conservation programs and sustainable community development with International Student Volunteers Inc. in Costa Rica and Panama. I have also work as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Organization for Tropical Studies, designing and executing courses for the program in Costa Rica. In addition to this, I have served in the Board of Directors for Asociacion Costas Verdes on several occasions.  

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