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Nuestro Equipo

Alejandra Pacheco

Alejandra contributes extensive experience in the multinational setting, in the public, corporate, and NGO sectors. She joined MarViva in 2010, as Director of Co-Investments, in support of the Foundation’s marine conservation and sustainability work in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Nuestro Equipo

Mariana Blanco

Mariana has a Licenciate´s degree in Law from the University of Costa Rica. She co-writed the thesis “Criminal Law´s protection over the water resource in costa Rica”.
She has worked in Human Rights and gender topics and has litigate in environmental and social issues as well. 
She worked with APREFLOFAS, an NGO devoted to the preservation of wild flora and fauna, for the approval of the first law approved in Costa Rica that was presented via a public initiative. This law banned sports hunting in Costa Rica. 

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