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Natalia Batista Mora

Policy Advocacy Advisor

Costa Rica

Legal Adviser in environmental matters with more than 8 years of experience. She has worked with civil society and at the governmental level, advising on issues related to the right to a healthy environment, including regulations on wildlife, governance of protected areas, access to genetic resources, Natural World Heritage Sites and other international environmental instruments; rights of access to information, participation and environmental justice, pollution and mining cases , and conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity with local communities, among others.

Her work in MarViva has allowed her to focus on the sea, its resources and coastal communities.

Her passion for her work in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity originated at a young age, by visiting protected areas and sea turtles conservation initiatives, deep respect to all living beings, the search for better conditions of life for the most vulnerable people and the sense of responsibility with future generations.

Her hobbies: Visiting protected and coastal areas, getting to know different cultures and new places.


“Peace, development and environmental protection are interdependent and indivisible.”

Principle 25, Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

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