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Andrés Santana

Regional Coordinator


I have worked as a proyect leader in conservation programs and sustainable community development with International Student Volunteers Inc. in Costa Rica and Panama. I have also work as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Organization for Tropical Studies, designing and executing courses for the program in Costa Rica. In addition to this, I have served in the Board of Directors for Asociacion Costas Verdes on several occasions.  

 Working at MarViva gives me ability to continue my goals of supporting community development and conservation. Working with the team at MarViva insures that all the work done will be of very high impact at a national and regional level.  

I have witnessed firsthand the benefits conservation can provide a community. The difference in long-term economic and health benefits a community derives from conserving natural resources and ecosystems is  immense from those that have not. I am driven by this and strive to help at each step of my career to make this a reality for communities.

Hobbies: spending time with my family in whatever we do; hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling, surfing, and Reading are also on my list.  


“Without the community, there is no conservation”


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