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César Augusto Díaz

Business Development Manager


César has extensive professional experience:

  • LEGAL ADVISER. TECHNICAL DIRECTION INSPECTION AND     SURVEILLANCE -  FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE  NATIONAL AUTHORITY - AUNAP. September 2013 - December 2015. To substantiate decision making projects within administrative investigations being conducted by the  entity, response projection to petition rights and other         requirements from control organisms  - exercise defense of  protections filed and represent the entity in national and international events.
  • JUDICIAL ASSISTANT. STATE  COUNCIL-FIFTH SECTION. March 2011 -December 2012.  Study and analysis of actions for protections and other matters of competence of the corporations; as well as the projection of the different sustentative decisions adopted by this office.
  •  TEACHER, MILITARY UNIVERSITY OF NEW GRANADA. October  2011 - November 2012. Provide instruction in the University Aviation Policy Department those attending the Specialization   in Aviation Administration.
  • TEACHING. ECOA COOPAVA. February 2011 - June 2011.  Training at Avianca School in Air Operations and  Administration. Teach the students in the technical careers of    Administrative, Finance and Service Assistant.
  • TEACHING. AERONAUTICAL SCHOOL OF COLOMBIA. September 2010 - March 2011. Training School for students of various academicals programs offered by the institution.
  • LEGAL ADVISER. SUPERINTENDENCY OF PORTS AND TRANSPORTATION. January 2010 - August 2010.  Consultant to the Judicial Office in the administrative investigations conducted against aviation, land, maritime companies, project answers to the rights of petitions, provide answers to actions of protection, issue concepts – policies and handle reports to control entities.
  • LEGAL ADVISER. SOCIAL COMPANY OF THE STATE OF SAN CRISTOBAL September 2008 - May 2009. Processing  procedures of coercive jurisdiction, management or state          recruitment. petition rights, protections, administrative  processes, etc.
  • LEGAL ADVISER. COLOMBIA POSTAL NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION IN LIQUIDATION. December 2006 - March 2007.  To defend the entity, providing responses to protection actions against same; as well as to project Appeal Actions of adverse decisions to their interests.
  • SPECIAL LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE MUNICIPAL CRIMINAL COURT 36 July 2005 - April 2006. Project the various substantive decisions adopted by the Office within the jurisdiction of the municipal criminal courts such as cause and protections judgments, drafting documents of support and interlocutory, annulments etc.
  • ATTORNEY. LEGAL ADVISORS DIAZ & DIAZ. Litigation in the civil ordinary jurisdiction - insurance since January 2005.
  • JUDICIAL DEPENDENT. L. E .A B. ATTORNEYS. February 2001 - December 2004. Monitoring of executive singular processes and mortgage in Civil Municipal Courts, and Circuit, projection of documents and systematic filing of daily actions.
  • CITATOR. 47 MUNICIPAL CRIMINAL COURT.   January 1999 - January 2001 Notify judgements made within causes award knowledge of the Criminal Municipal Judges, reception and classification of processes, filing and reply of correspondence, projection of replies to requests from entities, State agencies and private sector, public attention

The purpose of the foundation is to provide a social service to the community, and interest that precisely shares with the vocation of service to others. Equity, honesty and the generation of well-being are pillars in his personal formation, which are synchronized with the daily actions focused on the satisfaction of the development of his personality.

The foundation gives the opportunity to externalize not only the  abilities from the legal perspective in the different missionary subjects, but also allows to discover the human capacity of persuasion and incidence on the others and that has to achieve the purposes that have been entrusted to.

He is passionate about working in conservation because he thinks that in the conservation of resources lies the key to seeking the food security that is so much sought, not only as a state first, but also as a priority of the human being, that aspect that entails said subject makes it be of his interest.

He likes to travel and his hobby is photography.



"There are opportunities in life; it's just a question of taking advantage of them."

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