MSP is a public and participatory process for multisectoral planning and integrated management of marine and coastal areas and resources. It considers complementary objectives of ecological, economic and social health and prosperity. With technical and scientific basis, MarViva facilitates the involvement of the various stakeholder groups in the planning, design, and implementation of measures for the management and conservation of the sea. Relevant actors include public institutions, local governments, fishing (artisanal, industrial, sports), tourism and navigation sectors, infrastructure developers, local-based organisations, coastal populations, scientific community, and non-governmental organisations.


MarViva promotes stakeholders’ awareness towards responsible supply and demand of marine products and services. We encourage best practices that reduce human pressure on habitats and ecosystems in the use and consumption of resources. We support the creation of responsible fishing and tourism value chains that reward the commercial actors’ commitment to environmental and social sustainability. In addition, we foster the consolidation of technical and financial incentives for environmental conservation and the well-being of responsible artisanal fishers and tourism micro-entrepreneurs in vulnerable populations dependent on the sea.


Marine pollution threatens human health and the resilience of environmental services that support our well-being, food security, and economic activities dependent on the ocean. MarViva contributes to raise awareness among multi-sectoral actors at the regional, national, municipal, commercial, and individual levels, building capacity for the improvement of integrated solid waste management and promoting the strengthening and implementation of regulatory measures and best practices that reduce the consumption and disposal of single-use plastics.

MarViva Foundation, established in 2002, is a regional, non-governmental, non-profit organization with mission to promote marine conservation and sustainability in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Eastern Tropical Pacific (PTO). In alliance with public institutions and authorities, local governments, research centers, NGOs, corporate sector, the media, donors, and citizens, we promote our vision of healthy and biodiverse oceans for the well-being of present and future generations.

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