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Gian Castillero


Member of the Board of Directors of the Maritime University of Panama, the Plaza Amador Sports Association, and the Executive Board of the WTT Foundation. President of the subcommittee for the modernization project of Panama's marine and mercantile legislation. President of the International Bar Association and member of the presidential committee for the protection of international and financial services in Panama. Member of the International Maritime Committee. He directed the Panamanian Association of Maritime Lawyers.

He holds a Master's degree in Business Law from the School of Economics at the University of London and a bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science.

He has been a partner of the law firm Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega since 1994. His main areas of work are commercial, corporate and maritime law. He is a private consultant in several fields of expertise: asset management, management and structuring of foundations and trusts, philanthropic entities, tax planning and corporate consulting. It is also a professional advisor to several NGOs in Panama: MarViva, Avina, Latin America in Solidarity Action (ALAS), Fundes, Latin America Possible Network Forum Empresa and Techo.

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