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Giovanni Melo

Fisheries Coordinator


He has a degree in Fisheries from the University of Magdalena (Santa Marta), with a specialization in Public Management from the Foundation Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla) and a Master in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management with emphasis on Marine Governance from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands). With 15 years of experience coordinating fishing issues in the fishing authority, industrial and artisanal fishing sector, National Natural Parks of Colombia and NGOs. His professional approach has focused on collection and analysis of fisheries information, management of marine resources, promotion and implementation of good fishing practices and responsible fishing markets, with the aim of ensuring an adequate management of fishing activity for environmental sustainability, social and economic. He has extensive experience in community work with artisanal fishermen and in relationships with different authorities at local, regional and national level.

Thanks to his work at MarViva, he has developed a sense of responsibility in fulfilling the organization's objectives, as well as building excellent interpersonal relationships with his colleagues, always framed in tolerance and respect. At the professional level, the MarViva Foundation has given him the opportunity to learn how to combine his scientific and social perspectives in the management of marine-coastal resources; it has also facilitated the development of better information communication mechanisms at different levels and finally allowed him to improve   his capabilities for the formulation and implementation of marine conservation projects.

He is passionate about working in conservation because this allows him to make a difference.  In the fishing area, to help guarantee the supply of food both to communities of artisanal fishermen and to the population in general fills him with personal satisfaction. It is not easy, but seeing that little by little you build results motivates you to continue promoting the conservation of marine resources.

His interests revolve around music, especially traditional and contemporary dances. In addition to dancing, sport is another activity that you are passionate about. He has practiced Diving, Swimming and functional training.

The discovery of new flavors is another of his passions, so gastronomy is another of his interests.

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