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Manuel Velandia

Geographic Information Systems Coordinator


Geographer. Candidate for Master in Geography of the National University of Colombia.

With more than 3 years of experience in the environmental sector and in the management and administration of geographic information of coastal marine environments of the Colombian Pacific. He has been collaborator of several publications such as "Towards the declaration of a new marine protected area (AMP) in the Gulf of Tribugá, North Pacific Chocoano", "results of Participatory Fishing Monitoring for the Exclusive Zone of Craft Fishing", among others .

Since arriving at MarViva has been outstanding for its creativity in the implementation of digital alternatives for the construction of awareness tools around conservation issues, this is how it has developed the Story Maps of the Mangrove Management Plan of the Gulf of Tribugá and the declaration of DRMI Golfo de Tribugá - Cabo Corrientes.

His work has been recognized nationally with the ESRI Prize of the CCU 2015 National Users Conference.

MarViva has provided the support to develop its creative potential and thus to work innovative processes according to the mission of the Foundation. Likewise, thanks to his work, he discovered new ways of seeing and relating to nature.

Because conservation is directly related to environmental sustainability and is what guarantees the livelihoods of populations and seeks a balance between biodiversity and development. A geographical view of conservation allows integrating all social, cultural and environmental spheres for society.

In his free time Manuel enjoys a walk along ecological paths and is always accompanied by his camera, to keep in mind the beautiful landscapes and nature that accompany his life.


"To clean something, you have to dirty something else." Imbesi Law on the Preservation of Dirt. "But you can dirty everything without cleaning anything."

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