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What Does it Mean for a Canton to Declare Itself Plastic-Free?

February 5, 2019

Costa Rica

At the close of this edition (January 29, 2019), Santa Cruz and Liberia were the two cantons that had taken on the legislator’s request. 

Costa Rica’s Fishing Institute Wants to Grant Trawling Permits, Activity That Is Forbidden Since 2013

November 23, 2017

Costa Rica

Yet, controversy raised this week when it came to light that the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Fisheries and Aquaculture Institute ( Incopesca) had reached an agreement to grant trawling permits once again, disregarding the clear prohibition established by law.

New study: Costa Rica is giving away its fishing wealth

March 15, 2017

Costa Rica

The figure is part of the research for a new book called “Characteristics of Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica” that researchers presented at a press conference on Wednesday.

The commercial value of tuna here is of some $62 million per year. Of this total, Costa Rica receives only $904,000 in licensing fees, the report states.

Crocodile found dead in Gulf of Nicoya following thousands of washed up fish

February 18, 2017

Costa Rica

On Friday morning, social media messages from locals near Manzanillo, Puntarenas showed an overturned crocodile, apparently dead, in the gulf. Just two days prior, the community was shocked by the appearance of thousands of dead sardines that drifted onto a two-kilometer stretch of coast.

Thousands of dead fish wash up from Gulf of Nicoya

February 16, 2017

Costa Rica

Preliminary online reports from various agencies including marine conservation group Fundación MarViva say that the washed-up hordes of fish were seen for a few kilometers.

Costa Rican Nonprofit Spearheads Open-Sea Conservation Treaty

January 16, 2017

Costa Rica

Almost half the planet is covered by the high, or open seas, the waters found beyond countries’ territorial limits.

Despite their abundance, these vast areas have no legal regulatory framework for the conservation of important marine species, said MarViva.

Winners of Costa Rica Fishackathon create tool to help track fuel subsidies for fishing

October 3, 2016

Costa Rica

The analogy might not be perfect, but then again, Juan Carlos Martí only slept one hour during the two days in which he and his team came up with the name and, more importantly, the idea, which won last weekend’s Fishackathon in Costa Rica.

Fishackathon invites conservation-minded techies to help solve overfishing

September 30, 2016

Costa Rica

It’s the third annual Fishackathon, an event hosted worldwide by the U.S. Department of State, this year to coincide with Earth Day. The local organizers are the U.S.

Tempisque River: History of neglect threatens Guanacaste people and environment

August 2, 2016

Costa Rica

At the center of Guanacaste’s water battles is the Tempisque River — Costa Rica’s third longest — along with its tributaries and the underground aquifers that both feed it and take from it to replenish their stores.

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