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Responsible markets


We work in the management of alliances between the private sector and small community entrepreneurs’ suppliers of fish products and tourism services, based on good practices that contribute to the health of the seas.

The need for viable economic activities for communities in coastal areas has been identified, who depend on the availability of healthy resources for their family support.

These alliances are conceived as a conservation strategy from two fronts: supply and demand.

At MarViva we promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to take into account the environmental perspective, as well as to generate greater socioeconomic development opportunities that allow taking advantage of the natural resources minimizing the impact on the ecosystems and allowing the users of the resources to consolidate responsible productive initiatives.

Coastal marine activities such as tourism and fishing are generally the main source of work in riparian areas. Therefore, environmentally sustainable practices must be established to enable these communities to lead a decent life, with an appropriate income and growth options for the future.

Therefore, a model that allows adding value to producers and services generated by the users of the marine-coastal resource and reducing at the same time the environmental impact of their activities in the ecosystem is meaningful.

The strategic axis of Market Schemes promotes the creation and consolidation of incentives that motivate the responsible use of resources, supports the planning process for the organization of human activities at sea and improvement of the corresponding regulatory framework. In addition, it recognizes the commitment of the actors with good environmental practices along the marketing chains.

Some achievements

  • Development of value chains responsible artisanal fishing, or socio - economic incentives for fishermen committed to good fishing practices.
  • Promotion of productive activities of low environmental impact, such as responsible tourism services, including sport fishing and whale watching (dolphins and whales)
  • Technical support for the incorporation of criteria of responsible fishing in the standard or certification Sustainability Tourism (CST), applicable to hotels and  restaurants.
  • Public Awareness on the challenges and opportunities to contribute personally to the protection of the sea (complaints, responsible consumption)




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