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Alejandra Pacheco

Director of Co-Investments

Costa Rica

Alejandra contributes extensive experience in the multinational setting, in the public, corporate, and NGO sectors. She joined MarViva in 2010, as Director of Co-Investments, in support of the Foundation’s marine conservation and sustainability work in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Her responsibilities encompass partnership building with technical and institutional allies and contributors (including NGO, foundations, multilateral and cooperation agencies, corporations, individuals, others), donor relations, and developing project initiatives in conjunction with the technical teams and beneficiaries. 

Before coming to MarViva, Alejandra worked at the Costa Rican Agency for the Promotion of Direct Foreign Investment (CINDE), fostering the creation of better employment opportunities, technology transfer and improvement in the living standards in the country, attracting corporate investment from North America, Europe and Asia. She served as a diplomat for the government of Costa Rica in Spain, contributing to strengthened relations in favor of sustainable development opportunities and increased exchange of tourism, trade, international cooperation and foreign investment. Alejandra also held assignments at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism. Previously, she developed broad international relations and executive management experience at United Technologies' Carrier Corporation, leading the execution of local, regional and global scope projects of diverse business focus, based out of the corporate headquarters and field divisions in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

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