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Marine Signal for responsible for fish consumption

Zones: Caribbean and Pacific Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia

The application was developed by MarViva aimed at the responsible consumption of sea fish. This tool uses information based on IUCN threat categories as well as resilience and vulnerability (Fishbase) to establish consumption categories: Recommended, Moderate and Not Recommended. The search for species can be done by common or scientific name, displaying a detailed technical file for each species, including a photograph of the fish and its distribution map in the region.




Sea Watcher

Zones: Panama: Chiriqui Gulf including the provinces of Veraguas and Chiriqui

It is an application that allows reporting irregular acts registered in the provinces of Chiriquí and Veraguas that affect navigation, the environment and coastal marine resources (including illegal fishing). This report will come directly to the entities that comprise the Interagency Coordination Platform: Panama Maritime Authority, Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama, Ministry of Environment, Public Ministry and the National Air Service




Ghostbusters, to report ghost fishing

Zones: Costa Rica, Panamá y Colombia.

The application works in two scenarios. The first is aimed at fishermen, tourists, volunteers where they can report ghost gear, filling in information fields using a form. The second scenario is aimed at government officials, volunteers and researchers, who can access a map of the points that have been reported as ghost gear and a history of these more frequent catches and species that have been reported.



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