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Laura Rivera

Manager Responsible Markets


Laura is a Political Scientist with an emphasis in Public Management and Business Administration studies. She has experience in resolving conflicts, construction of peace and development of chain values working with artisanal fishermen in the Pacific and Colombia Caribbean, especially in sectors such as the chocoana north cost and Cartagena.

She has worked in training and consultancy for the business development in the rural environment through strategic and business plans with fishermen organizations, fish processing in Chocó and coffee producers in Pitalito and San Agustín. This has allowed the participation in identifying opportunities for access to new markets, channels and customers, as well as supporting the development of marketing chain coordination and logistics capabilities.  She has developed and implemented economic schemes that allow the promotion of the supply and demand of sustainable fish and the linking of artisanal fishing communities from the Colombian Pacific to sustainable marketing chains.

Her work with MarViva has allowed her to learn about community work, the development of new markets, innovation in business issues and to strengthen his capacities in the development of high budget projects, management of Afro-Colombian and indigenous groups, and personnel management.

Laura is passionate about the work of building value chains and communities; and that way the application of her knowledge as a professional. It has a strong inclination for the development of businesses whose benefit is found in the economic and social development of the communities as well as in the protection of the environment.

As a consumer, she feels responsible for the damages suffered by the sea, the forests and some species, by the growth of the global demand of multiple products; for that reason it decided to work in the solution of environmental conflicts and in the development of strategies that contribute to the conservation of the resources. She is passionate about the sea and has the strong desire to learn more and more of everything that "the ocean" implies.



"If you start with a certainty, you will end up with doubts, but if you accept to start with doubts, you will end up with certainties"

Francis Bacon

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