The “Shark Free Ceviche” seal is a frame of reference that certifies the fish ceviche product that has not been made with a protein base from elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) or other fish species in the category of non-recommended consumption. , on the red list of the MarViva Foundation Traffic Light Guide. Consequently, the seal is a tool through which it seeks to discourage the consumption of sharks, rays and species threatened or protected by law, through the adoption of responsible trade criteria.

Principles and criteria

The company must build its compliance analysis database, based on a series of principles and criteria that are listed below (for more details see the seal regulations).

Principle of conservation of species

The principle seeks to ensure the non-use of elasmobranchs or endangered fish species in the preparation of ceviches. For said verification you must meet the following criteria:

  • Certainty of the species that it commercializes
  • No use of elasmobranchs or endangered species

Principle of responsible internal processes

The objective of the principle is to promote the generation of policies, practices and documentation within the company that ensure compliance with the objectives of the Ceviche Libre de Tiburón seal. The criteria to be met are:

  • Compliance with National and International Legislation for the Marketing of Fish.
    Business Environmental Policy in Conservation of Fisheries Resources.
    Verification program.

Consumer awareness principle

The objective of the principle is the implementation of communication strategies, campaigns or actions that integrate promotional and educational activities to raise consumer awareness about the importance of conserving vulnerable species such as sharks. The criteria to be met is:

  • Implementation of a communication strategy that includes actions to raise awareness among staff, clients and/or the general public